De Anza Singh Family Scholarship

The Singh Family is offering support to promising and needy students as part of their efforts to give back to the community. This scholarship is intended for students with demonstrated financial need who strive to successfully complete their education in workforce certification programs while at De Anza.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Applicant must be enrolled at De Anza College in at least 12 units at the time of application and disbursement of scholarship funds.
2. Applicant’s cumulative De Anza GPA must be a 3.00 or higher
3. Applicant must demonstrate financial need
4. Applicant must be enrolled in AA/AS degree or certificate that leads to employment after graduation in workforce programs. Includes workforce majors such as: Administration of Justice, Automotive Technology, Child Development, Energy Management, Environmental Resource Management, Manufacturing & CNC Technologies, Health Technologies, Medical Lab Technology, Nursing AS, Paralegal Studies
5. Applicant must show commitment to Workforce/Career major through major course completion, activities associated with major, research into employment, opportunities, etc.

Special Instructions:
1. Please be sure to address the following two topics in your “My Story” essay. If you need additional space, you may address these topics by answering the relevant supplemental questions for the scholarship:

  • Please tell the scholarship committee about any hardships that you have had to overcome. How have you shown promise to succeed in college and in the workforce?
  • Please share your plans and dreams after your finish college.

Singh Family
7 @ $1,500
De Anza College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently enrolled in a career program at De Anza?
  2. If you have not already answered in your my story, please tell us about any hardships you have overcome; how you have shown promiseto succeed in college and in the workforce. And be sure to share your plans and dreams after college.