Foothill SLI STEM Summer Internship Scholarship 2021: STEM-Away Internship

Through the Science Learning institute (SLI), 4-5 Foothill College students will have an opportunity to participate in a virtual computer science internship with STEM-Away in any of the following areas: machine learning, cloud computing, hardware engineering, full stack, UX and UI, bioinformatics.

STEM-Away is a mission-driven for-profit company and online platform that provides virtual summer internships for college students and junior professionals. For more information, please visit:

  • The STEM-Away Tour at
  • View the College Brochure at
  • Information home page at

Summer: ~July 6 – August 20, 2021 (6 weeks)
This is a nontraditional internship where you will work in a team to both learn and execute a project plan. It requires you to take the initiative, to be comfortable with ambiguity, and to ask questions. As a fully virtual internship, all work is conducted online through the STEM-Away platform.

Internship commitments:

  • STEM-Away pretraining and assessment in the spring quarter. This will be self paced on STEM-Away’s online platform.
  • Enrollment in ITRN 50 or 51 (depends on projected number of hours of internship). Course tuition will be covered by the Science Learning Institute or your financial aid.
  • Two program orientations for the summer internship program in late June. One orientation is with STEM-Away and the other is with the Science Learning Institute.

Submission of a final report of your internship experience at the end of the summer. *Scholarship payments will occur in two installments and will depend on successful completion at each stage:

  • Middle of summer – $750
  • End of summer – $750

Application criteria:

  • Be majoring in a STEM discipline.
  • Have completed 12 units of STEM courses at Foothill by the end of winter quarter of the current academic year (any science, technology, engineering or math course).
  • Be a full time student at Foothill College for winter 2021 and projected for spring 2021 (at least 12 units each quarter).
  • Have Foothill College as your primary school (more credits at Foothill College than at De Anza College).
  • Full completion of the application, including naming a faculty/staff reference.
  • Desired coursework and skills (equivalent experience and knowledge will be considered): computer programming knowledge and/or other computer programming language.

Priority given to:

  • Students in TechCore learning community
  • Students with demonstrated financial need
  • First time degree earners (no prior degree such as a Bachelor’s or Associate)

Application requirements:

  • Fill out academicworks general scholarship application.
  • Fill out supplemental application, included as a separate Google Form link in the academicworks application.
  • Upload unofficial transcript to scholarship portal.

$1500 (up to 5 awards available)
Foothill College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Which is your primary school for the current academic year?
  2. Please upload a copy of your current unofficial grade transcript from Foothill College.
  3. Are you a STEM major, such as Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Neurosciences or Chemistry?
  4. Will you have completed 12 units of STEM courses at Foothill by the end of winter quarter of the current academic year (any science, technology, engineering or math course)?
  5. Please fill out the supplemental application by clicking on the Google Form Link: Supplemental Application