Foothill Prip Memorial Scholarship - Merit

Promoting and Rewarding Innovation in Physics: The David A. Pripstein Memorial Scholarship

David Pripstein (Prip to his family and friends) had a passion for physics and an inquisitive nature. As a teacher, he taught his students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the laws that govern the world while instilling problem solving skills. This scholarship is intended for students with a passion for science and technology, and who never stop asking themselves how or why things are the way they are in the world. The recipient of this award will be selected by the full time physics faculty.

Minimum Qualifications:
1. Applicant must be enrolled in at least 6 units at Foothill College at the time of the scholarship deadline and disbursement of scholarship funds.

2. Applicant’s cumulative Foothill GPA must be a 3.50 or higher.

3. Applicant must have successfully completed at least two Physics 4 series classes or have successfully completed one Physics 4 series class and be enrolled in your second Physics 4 series class at Foothill.

Special Instructions:
1. In your “My Story” essay describe your future plans for education and career aspirations.

Friends and Family of David 'Prip' Pripstein
$500-$1,000 (# of awards varies)
Foothill College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you successfully completed at least two Foothill Physics classes or successfully completed one Foothill Physics class and enrolled in the current quarter in a second Foothill Physics class?
  2. Please upload a copy of your current unofficial grade transcript from Foothill College.
  3. Which is your primary school for the current academic year?