Scholarship Opportunities for Study Abroad

Scholarship Resources:

  • Every scholarship has it’s own eligibility requirements, deadlines, application process. Do your research and stay organized.
  • Use ALL Your Resources
  • Know your finances and how much it will cost for you to go abroad compared to spending that time at home

Research scholarships, grants and other ways to pay for your program online
Talk with your financial aid office to see how much of your financial aid package and college/university scholarships can travel on the program

Scholarship Tips

  • Apply for every scholarship you can. Keep in mind that a scholarship doesn’t have to be specifically for studying abroad in order for you to use the funds on studying abroad. Always talk with the scholarship provider to see if funds can be used toward going abroad
  • Keep in mind that scholarship deadlines often fall long before program deadlines
  • Some scholarships require letters of recommendation and/or approval from study abroad advisors or financial aid advisors. You will need to give them plenty of time to complete the necessary forms on your behalf
  • Some scholarships require service once you are back in the States
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to apply
  • Make sure to spell and grammar check and have several other people read your essay
  • Utilize resources on your campus, including the study abroad office and writing center
  • Print off your essay and read it aloud. If you are unable to read it out loud smoothly, you need to edit more

Pretend your scholarship will be the last to be read and make a compelling case with your first sentence

Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship Open to US citizens or nationals; Pell Grant recipients

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